Alp Trophy

Alp Trophy


Genus: Alp

  • Region: Deep Forest

  • Diet : Blood, Sweat, Tears

  • Frequency: Rare

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Alps have a nasty habit of sitting on adventurer's chest while they sleep and watching them drool. This would be fine, except the Alp has issues with salivation, and has been known to leave massive pools of sticky drool behind.

Alps are squat, fur covered creatures identified by their long noses, slender claws, and nasty dispositions. Their fur varies from region to region, and adventurer reports range from pitch black to spotted brown, to royal purple. They are nocturnal creatures, and are believed to have an extreme allergy to sunlight, preferring to spend their days hidden away in damp caverns, rocking back and forth counting stones, waiting for nightfall.  

-Mounted to 9x12 slab of stained pine
-Overall size about 10x18
-Resin cast teeth, nose and horns
-100% animal and cruelty free

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