Bone Mage Oinken Deluxe Trophy

Bone Mage Oinken Deluxe Trophy

  • Genus: Greblin

  • Region: Black Wood

  • Diet : Bone Meal, Forest Slime

Bone Mages have an affinity for magical things. As they aren't inherently magic creatures, they are obsessed with collecting enchanted trinkets. Often they'll steal from travelers to get new additions for their hoarded piles of witchcraft and wizardry. One might call them Hocus Pocus, but they genuinely try their hardest to be the real deal. They skirmish with Grey Fur Shamans over territorial rights, which has caused to have a generation long feud.

  • Handmade Magic Crown and accessories

  • Mounted to stained piece of pine

  • Measures roughly 18 x 8 inches

  • 100% animal free

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