Schnoozle Mini Trophy

Schnoozle Mini Trophy

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  • Round Nosed

  • Trunked

  • Split Nosed

    • Genus : Snootleus Peculierus

    • Region : Cape Claw

    • Diet : Insects , Fruit, grass

    • Frequency: Common

    • Schnoozles are omnivorous scavengers that roam the highlands of Cape Claw and its’ surrounding regions. They are slow moving, nomadic creatures who travel in small groups known as “Boogers”, and can often be found combing the sands looking for kerfluffel grass and bugs. Friendly to a fault, they often approach solitary beings offering to share an apple or two, and have even been rumored to lead lost travelers to the coast line.  Their signature large noses are used as both digging tools and a herd warning system. If danger lurks too close, they emit their signature honking noise by blowing air through their nose along a thin membrane. This sound is also the basis of the “Schnoozoo”, a popular musical instrument of the area.

-Mounted to 5x7 slab of stained pine
-Overall size about 6x8
-Resin cast teeth, nose and horns
-100% animal and cruelty free

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