Rabbit Resin Figure

Rabbit Resin Figure

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“Nasty! Big! Pointy teeth!”~ Tim the Enchanter

Rabbit is our very first articulated resin figure, in what we hope will be a long line of modular resin figures. Inspired by margin paintings of illuminated manuscripts, the tales of Reynard, and of course, The beast of Caerbannog, Rabbit ties together our love for anthropomorphic characters and medieval fables. Armed with a classic arming sword and buckler, Rabbit says “I stan 15th century Europe.” in a pocket sized format. Box cover inspired by Claude Paradine.

Comes with the following pieces!

  1. - Rabbit head

  2. - Shirt arm left

  3. - Shirt arm right

  4. - Tunic torso

  5. - Hose pants

  6. - Arming sword

  7. - Buckler

  8. - Bonus Lancelot head


  • 4 Points of Articulation ( Arm , Arm, Head, Torso )

  • Interchangeable parts with other YF resin figures

  • Had cast resin with hand painted details.

  • Free standing at about 4 inches tall

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